Sunday, June 5, 2011

Islam and Socialism, Comunism, Facism, and National Socialism (Nazism)

There is still hope
The Euston Manifesto: For a Renewal of Progressive Politics. Reading it gives me hope that we can still have a left more aligned to its roots, and not the pro-tyrant left we most commonly see today.

On the Pro-Tyrant Left
In an article with the title Idealism withouth Ilusion, in World Affairs, Allan Johnson discusses the "The Mind of the Pro-Tyrant Left." In this article he discusses why the Left tends to support tyrant regimes and idelogies. He maintains that the development of the older left-wing culture was rooted in the Enlightenment, the democratic revolutions of the eighteenth century, and the ethical socialism of the mass European labor movements. He then explains how in its place was put power-worship, authoritarianism, and a cult of the transformative power of revolutionary violence, and how the rise of Stalinism, a reactionary but non-capitalist social system, disorientated the left—bar some fragments—more or less completely. As a consequence the left clung to the dogma that the only social system that could follow capitalism was socialism. It imagined itself involved in a duel between capitalism and socialism. It thought that state ownership equalled socialism. And so—with honorable exceptions—a pro-tyrant left emerged in the twentieth century. This pro-tyrant left became critical supporters of totalitarianism—notwithstanding their knowledge of mass killings, gulags, political-famines, and military aggression. The pro-tyrant left is based on twisted logic: This pro-tyrant left thinks it holds the key to the entire world in the palm of its hand. If America is opposed to a tyrant, then—there is some dubious logic here, but this really is the crucial move—the tyrant must be opposing America. And—this is the last stretch, stay with me—therefore the tyrant is an “anti-imperialist” and, objectively, “progressive.” The problem is that this line of (twisted) thought has become vastly influential on campuses and its ideas are trickling down into the wider culture.

Socialists-Muslim Brotherhood Alliance
Socialists explain how and why they worked with Muslim Brotherhood against ‘common enemies’: US, UK, Israel. Question: Do these lefties realize that they’re being played by the radicals, who will either discard them or destroy them once Islamism takes power? (PJM)

Communism and Islam

Aliance of Convenience: Osama Bin Laden: "Under these circumstances, there will be no harm if the interests of Muslims converge with the interests of the socialists in the fight against the crusaders, despite our belief in the infidelity of socialists." (BBPublish PostC report)

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