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The Palestinization of UNESCO, by Bat Ye'or

Excellent article by Bat Ye'or(1), that shows clearly why Israel is the "canary in the coal mine."

From The New English Review:

In January 1981 the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) Summit meeting in Mecca declared that, "Palestine should be viewed as the paramount issue of Muslim nations." Since then Europe hastened to adopt this path as well and has provided for the Palestinization of the cultural, social and above all political life of Europe.

For three decades, Europe obeyed the OIC in a servile manner. The EU has effectively created a major problem for itself that is eating away and destroying it. The EU made Palestine the hub of its international policy, transforming it into a symbol of peace and universal harmony, in a world that would not know "justice" until its coming. The only obstacle to this paradise is the Machiavellian Israel, the oppressor and usurper of Palestine, whose purity as a peaceful victim is the harbinger of global justice.

Europe does not yet dare use armed force against Israel, whose existence it claims to defend, while advising it to commit suicide. Europe fights Israel with the infamous Nazi weapons by delegitimizing its existence, robbing it of its history, defaming it by propaganda, hatred and attempts to destroy its economy through boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS). Toward this goal it encourages an international campaign of incitement to hatred by financing anti-Israel NGOs and lobbies. Europe claims that Jewish existence in its ancestral homeland, Judea and Samaria, is an "occupation" - a colonization. In this way, Israel has become a state that is occupying its own historical homeland. In Orwellian language propagandists speak of "the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land" that is called Judea, and not of the ethnic and religious cleansing of Jews from their homeland through wars, expulsions, dispossession and the dehumanizing apartheid rule of dhimmitude. Euro-jihadists invoke "Palestinian resistance" rather than the reality of their terrorism that has spread throughout the planet. The EU has used every stratagem to force Israel to self-destruct in the name of Palestine. That destruction would lead to an era of "justice and peace" in the world in the same way the charnel houses of Auschwitz were meant to purify humanity from Jews.

What does Palestinization mean? Firstly, it means creating a people as a substitute for Israel, which takes over its history and therefore its legitimacy. From Palestinization (like the Nazification of Europe two decades before) comes the delegitimization of Israel, an intruder state in the region and in history, even in humanity. The Palestinization of history denies Israel’s identity, culture, historic and human rights within its homeland, including Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem. For the OIC this process is part and parcel of Islamic theology, which regards the Bible as simply a falsified version of the Koran. According to Islam, biblical history is Islamic history, and the biblical characters we see represented in churches are all Muslim prophets who have virtually no connection with the facts reported in the Bible.

This context explains the Islamization of the Jewish and Christian religious heritage, an approach that involves denying the identity of these two religions, since Christianity views itself as emerging from Judaism, whose Scriptures it adopted. If the Bible is an Islamic account, Christianity too, and not just Judaism, are both falsifications of Islam. The negation of biblical history, with which Europe has assiduously linked itself by claiming that Israel is a colonizing intruder in its own homeland thereby challenges the historic rights of the Jews to their own homeland. This also negates Christian history and confirms the Koranic interpretation refuting the historicity of both the Torah and the Gospels.

Hence, if there was never a history of Israel or of the Gospels, but only the history of Ibrahim, Ishmael, Issa (the Koranic Jesus), if all the biblical kings and prophets were Muslim, in what is the West rooted? Would it not be in the Koran? That is the logical conclusion of Europe's choice, when, furious at the return of the Jews to Jerusalem in 1967, it deliberately decided to deny them their ancient capital. It attributed their heritage to those who, by a war of invasion, had illegitimately occupied it since 1948, expelling and dispossessing all its Jewish inhabitants. In a nutshell, if the Israelis are foreign colonialists, occupiers of their own country, it means they have no past, no history, and if Judaism is just a tissue of lies, the same applies to Christianity. If Israel never existed in the past, then its modern restoration is just a colonial deception to conquer territory to which it has no historical, religious or cultural claims, and so its destruction is justified. If history testifies to the contrary, then Europe becomes willingly responsible for the abominable crime of genocide – wiping out the past existence of a people in order to remove its current legitimacy and its human, religious, cultural and historical rights. This reflects the participation, organization and financing by European nations and the European Commission of an international campaign of incitement to hatred for the dismembering of Israel.

The Palestinization of Europe is not just its theological Islamization through Palestinianism, this being the ideology for Israel’s demise by disclaiming a people’s territorial sovereignty, history and culture, in conformity with the jihadist worldview. Palestinianism is also a paranoid obsession to hound Israel while claiming it is for its own good. By proclaiming that the Palestinian cause is the cause of peace and justice, Europe invests enormous energy, billions of euros and every effort to send Israel back behind the 1948 lines which it knows are indefensible. Hundreds of thousands of books, accusations and speeches subvert the facts and impose this policy.

The Palestinian grounding in Nazism: The de-Judaizing of Christianity

Within this context, the Kairos Palestine declaration of 2010 brands Israel with terms like occupier of Arab lands, colonizer, promoter of apartheid; while conversely Palestinians are innocent victims resisting the occupation and aspiring only to security, justice and peace. The Kairos declaration, hardly surprisingly, condemns all Christian theology that is based upon the Bible or on biblical faith or history that would legitimize Israel. Understand if you can; what would remain of Christian theology, faith or history if you get rid of Israel and the Bible? Could Christian Palestinianism be the camouflage of Nazism, which had planned to de-Judaize Christianity? The document ends with a call to people, businesses and countries to take part in the BDS campaign against Israel. This request is in line with the demands of the OIC and similar to the understanding of the European former leaders, who are the same ones responsible for the current Eurabian situation.   

What are the consequences of the choice of al-Quds – that is a Muslim Jerusalem – by Europe for its identity, the criteria for assessing its own history, and its immigration policy? The Europe that chose al-Quds and rejected Jerusalem is rejecting its own basic identity. It is denying the Bible, which is not merely a religious text that states various universal values, but also, for Christians, a chronicle of the coming of Jesus and Christianity, which is its culmination. If there had not been a Jewish people, nor biblical history or geography, there would not be Christianity either. Accordingly, Judaism and Christianity are just a huge aberration, and what remains are the Koran and the Muslim Jesus, whose eschatological mission is the destruction of Christianity.

The choice of al-Quds replaces the Bible with the Koran. Europe knows that the OIC has decided to move its head office from Jeddah to al-Quds. The OIC is deemed the most suitable institution to represent the world Caliphate, with its mission to anchor the universal Ummah in the Koran and Sunna. What church could remain in al-Quds? By seeking to destroy Israel, the Church is destroying its own very existence.

With such a disavowal of its own roots and identity, should we still be surprised that Europe has sold its citizens off cheaply on its own territory? In the same way that the European Union has not ceased to harass Israel and to challenge its roots and rights, it has dragged to court those courageous Europeans who have asserted their own identity, rights and freedoms. This political link between the OIC and the European Union did not only appear in the context of the Israeli-Arab conflict but also in internal European politics concerning the massive Muslim immigration into Europe, which started in the years 1974-75. It was then that a joint Parliamentary Association for Euro-Arab Cooperation (PAEAC) was set up with the task of passing on the political demands from the Arab League countries to the European Community and to monitor their implementation within Europe.

Transposing its anti-Israeli policy to Europe, the EU wants to create a tabula rasa of historical nationalisms and of the privileges of sovereign states, to transfer to the UN – dominated by the OIC – the world governance of human rights. The basic rights of Europeans to security, to their history and freedom of expression are disproved, rebutted, dismissed by the OIC under the guise of Islamophobia and its vehement request for European multiculturalism. Rooted in the civilization of jihad and dhimmitude, it imposes its own criteria through its European and UN go-betweens in its new Western empire. So while Europe prides itself on creating universal, humanitarian governance, on the international scene the OIC is implementing a Koranic order of Islamic human rights.

With the repudiation of Israel, the EU is repudiating itself. It is putting the emphasis on the Greco-Roman heritage and eliminating that of Judeo-Christianity to please the OIC and Muslim migrants. When the EU does this it eliminates its biblical and therefore Jewish basis, as if Christianity had arisen in the world out of nowhere. This repression of identity is just one more concession to Islam and its culture that is hostile to Jews and Christians, an issue that has been neither recognized nor repudiated. To throw Judaism (Israel) and Christianity (the West) into the dustbin of history is to remove human, historical, religious, cultural and national rights from Jews and Christians. It means adopting dhimmitude.

Eurabia and Palestinianism come from the same rejection and the same policy applied to the destruction of the nation-state, the manifestation of the spirit and culture of peoples, condemned to extinction in a globalized, humanitarian utopia. Their points in common are (1) the war against Israel; (2) the de-Judaization of Christianity; (3) the de-Christianization of Europe; and (4) the joint EU-OIC policy to strengthen the UN's global governance that the OIC aims to monopolize. This suicidal approach is specific to Europe; it does not exist in China or in India, or even in Muslim countries.

With the anarchic uprisings of the "Arab Spring" (March 2011), the United States and most European countries led by France and its Foreign Minister, Alain Juppé, have become involved in Arab and African tribal conflicts, invoking the "right of interference" and the "right of protection". These rights, however, are applied selectively, because they are never invoked to protect Christians against persecution in Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, Algeria, Sudan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Indonesia or Pakistan. They are also not used to protect sailors arbitrarily taken hostage by the Somalis. Europe would find it grotesque and indecent to invoke these rights against the spread of anti-Israeli hatred calling for the extermination of the Jews, against the deluge of rockets launched from Gaza into Israel, or against the hideous crimes perpetrated by its Palestinian allies and “protégés” against Israeli civilians. Nor has it reacted to the Islamization of the biblical holy places in Hebron, both Jewish and Christian, by UNESCO, acting on orders of the OIC. Yet this approach is a serious breach of the religious and historical rights of Jews and Christians, and contradicts the western definition of human rights. The recognition of Palestine by UNESCO is a harbinger to the Islamization on a world level of the historical and spiritual roots of Judaism and Christianity and conforms to the Koranic assertion that Islam precedes and dominates these two religions.  

(1) Bat Ye'or is the author of several books and essays. Her books have focused on the fate of non-Muslims (specially Christians and Jews) under Islam. Among them:  The Dhimmi: Jews and Christians Under Islam (1985), The Decline of Eastern Christianity: From Jihad to Dhimmitude (1996),  Islam and Dhimmitude: Where Civilizations Collide (2001) and Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis (2005).

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"Islamic Sexuality: A Survey of Evil"

The courageous Ann Barnhardt dares to speak the truth in a video, in four parts. Worth watching it.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 (requires being older than 18)

Part 4

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Countries that form the OIC

The Organization of Islamic Conference is composed of 57 countries. They form the largest block at the United Nations. Each one of the OIC country-members has in its constitutional charter aspects of Islamic Law that vary in intensity. This post shows a few of those aspects, that, by following Islamic Law, go against the Universal Human Rights.

In a letter addressed to the Human Rights Commission on June 17, 2011, referring to the deportation of Christians from Morocco, Ambassador of Morocco to the United States Aziz Mekouar claimed that the deportations “solely and exclusively targeted proselytism activities, which are clearly and categorically forbidden by the laws of Morocco and the precepts of Islam.” The ambassador said the Moroccan Penal Code imposes fines and prison sentences for those who “use means of seduction in the aim of undermining a Muslim’s faith or of converting him/her to another religion, either by exploiting his weaknesses or needs, or through the use, to this end, of health or educational establishments, as well as shelters or orphanages.” (Direct Compass)
This conflicts with Articles 18, 19 and 20 of he UN Declaration of Human Rights.

(this excerpt from Yemen comes from a post by Patriot Statesman - May 2011)

"Yemen used to be a large Christian nation. In the last 300s A.D. Abdullah ibn ath-Thamir, who was also the chief of the Banu Horith, converted to Christianity and led his whole tribe to Christ. Over the next couple of hundred years, many in Yemen came to the LORD . When Mohammad began his terrorist attacks on fellow neighboring nations, to force them to accept Islam or die, a treaty was set up to protect Christians and nonmuslims near modern day Yemen. Unfortunately, despite some financially induced “taxes” to mohammad to keep his troops away from them, shortly after Muhammad’s death, all the Christians of Najran, near the Yemen/Saudi border, now on the Saudi side, were expelled from their homes. They were deported all the way to Mesopotamia, along with the Jews, when Umar ordered that only Muslims were allowed to live in the area. However, some Christians and Jews apparently managed to come back after a while.

These days, there might be only 3,000 Christians, most of whom are just foreigners working in the country. Yemen’s Islamic law does not support the alleged “religious freedom” promised by its constitution. Christians are arrested if they simply share their love in Christ with nonmuslims, and the permits for Churches keep them in check. Worst of all , when Yemeni citizens decide to follow God in Christ Jesus, they are tortured to recant their faith in God as Christians or executed with some let go after a period of intense tortures. Recently, Yemeni police have detained at least nine people this year for converting from Islam to Christianity, a security official said Tuesday. The nine were arrested between May and early August and remain in police custody even now! Converting from Islam to any other religion is illegal in Yemen and can be punishable by death.

Yemen has almost 21 Million people which are almost 100% Muslim now (65% are Sunni Shaafi and 35% are Shiites). About 130,000-150,000 Jews left Yemen for Israel in the last century! Under Islamic rule, touted by many as so tolerant and “religion of peace”, there have been many non-Muslims who have suffered greatly. Not too long ago, Christians families from Germany, Britain and Korea who were offering medical healing to those in need, were brutally murdered by faithful Muslims. 3 and 6 years old little girls, Lydia Hentschel and her younger sister Anna Hentschel, were rescued in a military operation, but there was no indication as to the whereabouts of the girls’ parents, Johannes and Sabine Hentschel, or the girls’ 2-year-old brother Simon, and the Briton, identified only as Anthony.

Please keep Christians in your prayers and pray that our citizens in the United States will soon vote for a government that will not appease Muslim terrorists or cover up terrorist activities as “isolated incidents”. We need a government run by a President and Congress that understands the dangers of Islam and sharia law. We want a government ready to take all legal action necessary to protect innocent Americans and fellow Christians worldwide! Through your prayers may our LORD grant us such a blessing soon."
violation of the same articles of the Human Rights as Morocco (do we see a pattern here?)


Why the Christian nation of Albania became Muslim? By sheer pressure over its population. Albania was part of the Roman Empire, and later of the Roman Empire of the East (Byzantine Empire). It was a Christian nation until, in the 16th century, it was military occupied by the Ottoman Turks. 

The Turks established their dominion over Albania just as the Renaissance began to unfold in Europe, so that, cut off from contact and exchanges with western Europe, Albania had no chance to participate in, or benefit from, the humanistic achievements of that era. Conquest also caused great suffering and vast destruction of the country's economy, commerce, art, and culture. Moreover, to escape persecution by their conquerors, about one-fourth of the country's population fled abroad to southern Italy, Sicily, and the Dalmatian coast. Although the Turks ruled Albania for more than four centuries, they were unable to extend their authority throughout the country. In the highland regions Turkish authorities exercised only a formal sovereignty, as the highlanders refused to pay taxes, serve in the army, or surrender their arms--although they did pay an annual tribute to Constantinople. Albanians rose in rebellion time and again against Ottoman occupation. In order to check the ravages of Albanian resistance--which was partly motivated by religious feelings, namely, defense of the Christian faith--as well as to bring Albania spiritually closer to Turkey, the Ottomans initiated a systematic drive toward the end of the 16th century to Islamize the population. This drive continued through the following century, by the end of which two-thirds of the people had converted to Islam. A major reason Albanians became Muslims was to escape Turkish violence and exploitation, an instance of which was a crushing tax (jiziah) that Christians would have to pay if they refused to convert, including the devshirme (the forced conscription of young Christian boys to serve in the Ottoman army as elite unit (the Janissary) (source).

(more about the islamization of Albania in Albania: Albanians under Ottoman, quoting as source The Library of Congress Country Studiesaccessed in January 2013)

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Islamic Anti-Semitism

Read here about the Jews as Depicted in the Qur'an. Below, a few examples of Islamic anti-Semitism: 
  • Anti-Zionism is the modern anti-Semitism: Iran moves on from "Destroy Israel!" to "Destroy all the Jews!" (DEBKA) The ayatollahs in Tehran and Qom unleashed a virulent campaign of anti-Semitic propaganda in their sermons. A new book and a film were released for wide distribution on orders from Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. They draw heavily on the infamous Elders of Zion fiction and on the Koran to accuse the Jews and their rabbis of conspiring to corrupt and rule the world. 
  • An Iraqi Muslim was attacked on August 14, 2011, by Muslim vigilantes in the streets of St. Louis, Missouri. They stabbed him and carved a Star of David onto the flesh of his back. His "crime" was having written a poem showing sympathy for the Jews because of the Holocaust (Pajamas Media).

  • Here is an example of appeasing Islam by negating Jewish heritage: UNESCO says that renowned medieval Jewish philosopher, theologian and physician, Maimonides, is now a Muslim."This is not the first time that UNESCO has changed history to replace Jews with Muslims. They have been prolific in Islamicizing sites long considered to have religious and historical importance to the Jewish people. Last year, Rachel’s Tomb, traditionally considered the burial place of the Jewish matriarch Rachel, was declared by UNESCO to be a Muslim historical site called “Mosque of Bilal Ibn-Rabach,” and the Cave of the Patriarchs, where most of the other Jewish patriarchs and matriarchs and a number of important later figures are said to be buried, to be an Islamic holy site called the “Al-Haram Al-Ibrahami” (“The Mosque of Abraham”)." (LI)
  • Palestinian Authority Law: Selling Land to Jews Punishable by Death. (CBN News)
  • Michael Toten writes about the current situation in Hebron in a post called Darkness in Palestine. In it, he refers to the massacre of Jews that took place in Hebron in 1929. Al Aqsa TV, the Hamas channel in Gaza, interviewed a Palestinian woman from Hebron who not only remembers that massacre, she’s proud of that massacre. And she said she’d like to see it repeated.

  • In a broadcast from a Gaza mosque, on Oct 13 2000, Dr. Ahmad Abu Halabiya, on Palestinian Authority TV, said: "Have no mercy on the Jews, no matter where they are, in any country. Fight them, wherever you are. Wherever you meet them, kill them. Wherever you are, kill those Jews and those Americans who are like them..." (transcribed by Memri).
  • Hezbollah leader Nasarallah: "If they (Jews) all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide." (Daily Star, Oct. 23, 2002)

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Halal Food

The islamization of the West, specially Europe, the US, Canada and Australia, that we witness today, is probably best exemplified by the increasing introduction of Halal food. The word halal indicates what Muslims are permitted to eat or do. By itself this is not an issue. The problem starts when we realize that to be halal, the animals have to be slaughtered in a ritualistic way, which is far away from the more modern and humane ways of slaughtering animals, based on stunning the animal previous to its killing. Halal food requires that the animal has its throat cut open and then the animal is placed upside down until all its blood had drained out.

Besides the humane aspect, here are other considerations on why should non-Muslims should care about halal food?
Here is WHY non-Muslims should care about the introduction of any halal food into the West. I read a great anti-halal essay that explained that halal food contributes to four significant problems – independent of animal cruelty or religious issues.
The first problem is an employment fairness issue. Halal slaughter requires that Muslims perform all halal rituals. The end result is that Muslims begin to “take over” food production jobs of a nation. The idea that Muslims – who wish to eliminate non-Muslims – control any aspect of non-Muslim food production is disturbing.
The second problem is a terrorist funding issue. All halal products require the monetary purchase of halal certification from a major Muslim entity – and some of that money inevitably supports terror efforts against the West.
The third problem is a Muslim immigration scam. Evidently, halal slaughter requires Western nations to import halal butchers from Muslim nations. The scam is that the halal butchers QUIT as soon as they receive their Western immigration status – requiring the constant importation of halal butchers from – you guessed it – Muslim nations.
The fourth problem is that – where Western countries have banned guns but allow knives – halal butchers can use their butchering skills as very effective human murderers. In essence, the importation of halal butchers is the importation of devout Muslims who would make extremely effective foot soldiers in a fighting war.
A comparison between humane slaughter and halal slaughter:
In the United States, the handling of animals to prepare them for kosher or halal slaughter is exempt from the Humane Slaughter Act. Stunning is legally required for conventional slaughter and hoisting of sensible animals prior to stunning is not permitted. All mammals undergoing conventional slaughter have to be stunned and rendered insensible while they are either standing in a stunning box or held in a comfortable upright position in a restraint device. However, stunning is not legally required for religious slaughter. Some plants restrain fully sensible cattle, calves or sheep by hanging them upside down by a chain attached to their ankle. This is a stressful, cruel method of restraint that should be eliminated, but it is legal in the U.S. for religious slaughter. (Improving Religious Slaughter Practices in the U.S.) 
A few YouTube Videos. One discusses why this must stop:  Halal Horror. Another compares non-Halal and Halal slaughter and is graphic: Humane slaughter vs Halal slaughter.

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Kill any Muslim who leaves Islam

A few examples of harassment and even murder of former Muslims (read why this happens here).
  • Iran: Mostafa Bordbar, a Christian convert, was tried in the Revolutionary Court in Tehran. He is one of several Christain [sic] prisoners currently being held in ward 350 of Evin prison for their faith. The court announced his charges as "illegal gathering and participating in a house church". Five years before that incident, he had also been arrested in Rasht for converting to Christianity and participating in a house church. His interrogator at the time, condemned him for "apostasy". However, he was temporarily released on bail after his case passed through all legal processes. This condemnation still remain in his record (the supporting document has been received by Mohabat News). Judge Pir-Abbas, the judge working on Mr. Bordbar's case, is the one who sentenced Saeed Abedini, the Iranian-American pastor, to eight years in prison for "starting a house church aimed to disrupt national security" (Mohabat News).
  • Iran: In January, an American Christian was sentenced to an eight-year prison sentence on charges of “endangering national security” in Iran.  A 32-year-old married father of two from Boise, Idaho, Pastor Saeed Abedini traveled to his country of origin last year to visit family and help build an orphanage, only to be arrested and sent to Tehran’s brutal Evin prison. According to Fox News, Abedini, a Muslim convert to Christianity—also known as an apostate deserving of death under Islamic Sharia law—is “facing physical and psychological torture at the hands of captors demanding he renounce his beliefs.” In a recent letter smuggled to family members, he recounted the “horrific pressures” and “death threats” he endures: “My eyes get blurry, my body does not have the strength to walk, and my steps become very weak and shaky…  They are only waiting for one thing… for me to deny Christ. But they will never get this from me.” (Fox News;   Raymond Ibrahim)
  • Iran: Mohabet News reported that four Muslim converts to Christianity were arrested in February during house-church worship and “taken to the Revolutionary Court of Shiraz several times in a pitiful condition with their hands and feet chained.”  They were charged with the usual: “participating in house-church services, evangelizing and promoting Christianity … and disturbing national security.” The report elaborates on the “obvious mental and physical torture” Iran’s converts to Christianity experience in prison (Raymond Ibrahim).

·    Iran: Another house church pastor, Benham Irani, remains behind bars even as his family expresses concerns that he may die from continued beatings, leading to internal bleeding and other ailments. The verdict against him contains text describing him as an apostate who “can be killed.” According to one activist, “His ‘crimes’ were being a pastor and possessing Christian materials.”( Raymond Ibrahim)

·    Iran: A six-year prison sentence for Pastor Farshid Fathi Malayeriwhose crime was to convert to and preach Christianity—was upheld last year following an unsuccessful appeal hearing.  A woman, Leila Mohammadi, who had earlier converted to Christianity was arrested when security agents raided her house. Imprisoned for five months in Evin prison without any word on her fate, she was later sentenced to two years in prison (Raymond Ibrahim).

·    Iran: A 2012 June  report indicated that, five months after five Christian converts were arrested, their condition and fate was still unknown. They were accused of “attending house church services, promoting Christianity, propagating against the regime and disturbing national security.” Being imprisoned for 130 days without word “is an obvious example of physical and mental abuse of the detainees…. one of the prison guards openly told one of these Christian detainees that all these pressures and uncertainties are intended to make them flee the country after they are released.” (Raymond Ibrahim)
  • Iran, 2012: A young woman who had recently converted to Christianity and was an outspoken activist against the Islamic regime, was found dead, slumped over her car’s steering wheel, with a single gunshot wound to her head. (Raymond Ibrahim)
  • Rifqa Bary, a Sri Lankan teenager who lived with his parents in the United States, left home for fear of reprisal from their parents for converting to Christianity. The dispute was resolved in the courts and stirred the Muslim community in the U.S., with even the intervention of groups linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, such as CAIR (Council of American-Islamic Relations). Several sites emerged on Facebook dedicated to the subject, many of them calling for the death of Rifqa (see figure below). The conflict was resolved when Rifqa turned 18. She is afraid to return home and become victim of honor killing, and she also fears the "religious" Islamic community in the U.S. (more on wikiislam).
  • The Baha’i are considered as apostates of Islam.
  • Morocco Oct 2011: Dr. Bostom reports that a Moroccan Muslim 'apostate' to Christianity survives stabbing and gets US asylum. In the same post he refers to April 2010 when nearly 7,000 Muslim religious leaders backed the deportation of foreign Christians by signing a document describing their work within Morocco as "moral rape" and "religious terrorism." The pronouncement came amid a national campaign designed to vilify Christians in putatively "moderate" Morocco for the Sharia-based "crime" of proselytism
  • Iran Sept 2011: Youcef Nadarkhani, 32, a Pastor in Iran, has been condemned to death by the the 11th branch of Iran's Gilan Provincial Court. The Court determined that since he has has Islamic ancestry he must recant his faith in Jesus Christ. Nadarkhani is the latest Christian cleric to be imprisoned in Iran for his religious beliefs. According to Elam Ministries, a United Kingdom-based organization that serves Christian churches in Iran, there was a significant increase in the number of Christians arrested solely for practicing their faith between June 2010 and January 2011. A total of 202 arrests occurred during that six-month period, including 33 people who remained in prison as of January, Elam reported (Fox).
  • US Feb 2011: Cleric says president Obama 'must embrace Islam' or be tried when Muslims take over U.S. (WND).
  • Afghanistan Feb 2011: Former Afghan  Muslim Said Musa released after 9 months in prison due to international pressure. He was condemned to death after leaving Islam and adopting Christianity (AM).
  • Italy Feb/2011: Muslim activists arrested for planning to "punish" Pope Benedict XVI for converting a Muslim journalist to Catholicism (ME-online).
  • Ethiopia Sept/2010: Three Muslim men attacked a Christian convert with a knife in Dufti, Ethiopia. On September 13, the Muslim men forcefully took Muhammad Ali, a new Christian convert from Islam, to a mosque on suspicion that he had left Islam. When Ali refused to enter and pray at the mosque, they stabbed him on the hip with a knife. The Ethiopian constitution guarantees freedom of religion, but sadly Christians living in Muslim-dominated parts of the country suffer persecution at the hands of radicals (Northly News).
  • USA Oct/2009: Sabri Husibi, a former Muslim who is now an atheist, says he has been ostracized and threatened with death since publication of a Tulsa World article Saturday in which he was critical of Islam and all other religions. Sabri Husibi, a former Muslim who is now an atheist, says he has been ostracized and threatened with death since publication of a Tulsa World article Saturday in which he was critical of Islam and all other religions. One caller said that if said anything against Shariah (Islamic law), he would be killed (Tulsa World).
  • Abdul-Basser, Harvard Muslim Student Chaplain, wrote that there was "great wisdom (hikma) associated with the established and preserved position (capital punishment [for apostates]) and so, even if it makes some uncomfortable in the face of the hegemonic modern human rights discourse, one should not dismiss it out of hand (The Harvard Crimson April 14, 2009)
  • BANGLADESH Sep/2009: Christian convert from Islam and his family are threatened with death. After Friday prayers a group of zealots attacked the house of human rights activist William Gomes, a young Muslim who converted to Christianity. The police takes no steps to ensure his protection (Asia News).
  • Egypt, Sept 2007: Islamic sharia scholars call fro applying apostasy punishment and enacting a law criminalizing inter-faith marriage (Almasry Alyoum).
  • Afghanistan, 2006: Abdul Rahman, an Afghan citizen, was arrested in 2006 for converting to Christianity. Members of his family have asked prosecutors to the death penalty. Rahman has just released (and migrating to Italy under asylum) because of the international outcry over the case of Mr. Rahman, and the fact that the Afghan government had been installed by the U.S. invasion (CNN).
  • In Britain, while Christians who turn to Islam are celebrated, the 200,000 Muslims who turned away from Islam are faced with abuse, violence and even murder.
  • Somali Christian martyred. Hussein, a former Muslim, was killed by Islamic extremists after telling them that he did not pray facing Mecca since he believed God is omnipresent.
  • TURKEY 1843: During the autumn of 1843, in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey, Sir Henry Layard, the British archeologist, writer, and diplomat, witnessed the punishment mandated by the Shari’a, i.e., Islamic Law for apostasizing from Islam. He described this abhorrent spectacle as follows: 
“An Armenian who had embraced Islamism had returned to his former faith. For his apostasy he was condemned to death according to the Mohammedan [Islamic] law. His execution took place, accompanied by details of studied insult and indignity directed against Christianity and Europeans in general. The corpse was exposed in one of the most public and frequented places in Stamboul [Istanbul], and the head, which had been severed from the body, was placed upon it, covered by a European hat.”