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Countries that form the OIC

The Organization of Islamic Conference is composed of 57 countries. They form the largest block at the United Nations. Each one of the OIC country-members has in its constitutional charter aspects of Islamic Law that vary in intensity. This post shows a few of those aspects, that, by following Islamic Law, go against the Universal Human Rights.

In a letter addressed to the Human Rights Commission on June 17, 2011, referring to the deportation of Christians from Morocco, Ambassador of Morocco to the United States Aziz Mekouar claimed that the deportations “solely and exclusively targeted proselytism activities, which are clearly and categorically forbidden by the laws of Morocco and the precepts of Islam.” The ambassador said the Moroccan Penal Code imposes fines and prison sentences for those who “use means of seduction in the aim of undermining a Muslim’s faith or of converting him/her to another religion, either by exploiting his weaknesses or needs, or through the use, to this end, of health or educational establishments, as well as shelters or orphanages.” (Direct Compass)
This conflicts with Articles 18, 19 and 20 of he UN Declaration of Human Rights.

(this excerpt from Yemen comes from a post by Patriot Statesman - May 2011)

"Yemen used to be a large Christian nation. In the last 300s A.D. Abdullah ibn ath-Thamir, who was also the chief of the Banu Horith, converted to Christianity and led his whole tribe to Christ. Over the next couple of hundred years, many in Yemen came to the LORD . When Mohammad began his terrorist attacks on fellow neighboring nations, to force them to accept Islam or die, a treaty was set up to protect Christians and nonmuslims near modern day Yemen. Unfortunately, despite some financially induced “taxes” to mohammad to keep his troops away from them, shortly after Muhammad’s death, all the Christians of Najran, near the Yemen/Saudi border, now on the Saudi side, were expelled from their homes. They were deported all the way to Mesopotamia, along with the Jews, when Umar ordered that only Muslims were allowed to live in the area. However, some Christians and Jews apparently managed to come back after a while.

These days, there might be only 3,000 Christians, most of whom are just foreigners working in the country. Yemen’s Islamic law does not support the alleged “religious freedom” promised by its constitution. Christians are arrested if they simply share their love in Christ with nonmuslims, and the permits for Churches keep them in check. Worst of all , when Yemeni citizens decide to follow God in Christ Jesus, they are tortured to recant their faith in God as Christians or executed with some let go after a period of intense tortures. Recently, Yemeni police have detained at least nine people this year for converting from Islam to Christianity, a security official said Tuesday. The nine were arrested between May and early August and remain in police custody even now! Converting from Islam to any other religion is illegal in Yemen and can be punishable by death.

Yemen has almost 21 Million people which are almost 100% Muslim now (65% are Sunni Shaafi and 35% are Shiites). About 130,000-150,000 Jews left Yemen for Israel in the last century! Under Islamic rule, touted by many as so tolerant and “religion of peace”, there have been many non-Muslims who have suffered greatly. Not too long ago, Christians families from Germany, Britain and Korea who were offering medical healing to those in need, were brutally murdered by faithful Muslims. 3 and 6 years old little girls, Lydia Hentschel and her younger sister Anna Hentschel, were rescued in a military operation, but there was no indication as to the whereabouts of the girls’ parents, Johannes and Sabine Hentschel, or the girls’ 2-year-old brother Simon, and the Briton, identified only as Anthony.

Please keep Christians in your prayers and pray that our citizens in the United States will soon vote for a government that will not appease Muslim terrorists or cover up terrorist activities as “isolated incidents”. We need a government run by a President and Congress that understands the dangers of Islam and sharia law. We want a government ready to take all legal action necessary to protect innocent Americans and fellow Christians worldwide! Through your prayers may our LORD grant us such a blessing soon."
violation of the same articles of the Human Rights as Morocco (do we see a pattern here?)


Why the Christian nation of Albania became Muslim? By sheer pressure over its population. Albania was part of the Roman Empire, and later of the Roman Empire of the East (Byzantine Empire). It was a Christian nation until, in the 16th century, it was military occupied by the Ottoman Turks. 

The Turks established their dominion over Albania just as the Renaissance began to unfold in Europe, so that, cut off from contact and exchanges with western Europe, Albania had no chance to participate in, or benefit from, the humanistic achievements of that era. Conquest also caused great suffering and vast destruction of the country's economy, commerce, art, and culture. Moreover, to escape persecution by their conquerors, about one-fourth of the country's population fled abroad to southern Italy, Sicily, and the Dalmatian coast. Although the Turks ruled Albania for more than four centuries, they were unable to extend their authority throughout the country. In the highland regions Turkish authorities exercised only a formal sovereignty, as the highlanders refused to pay taxes, serve in the army, or surrender their arms--although they did pay an annual tribute to Constantinople. Albanians rose in rebellion time and again against Ottoman occupation. In order to check the ravages of Albanian resistance--which was partly motivated by religious feelings, namely, defense of the Christian faith--as well as to bring Albania spiritually closer to Turkey, the Ottomans initiated a systematic drive toward the end of the 16th century to Islamize the population. This drive continued through the following century, by the end of which two-thirds of the people had converted to Islam. A major reason Albanians became Muslims was to escape Turkish violence and exploitation, an instance of which was a crushing tax (jiziah) that Christians would have to pay if they refused to convert, including the devshirme (the forced conscription of young Christian boys to serve in the Ottoman army as elite unit (the Janissary) (source).

(more about the islamization of Albania in Albania: Albanians under Ottoman, quoting as source The Library of Congress Country Studiesaccessed in January 2013)

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