Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Blog's "Table of Contents" - Selected Info on Islam

Knowing that sometimes it is useful to have easier access to subject by topics, I have organized this Blog's Table of Contents, as well as external information on Islam (external links). I hope you can find quick links to particular topics, organized in alphabetical order.

(do a ‘Crtl F’ to help you find what you want)

Selected Posts and basic info
- Is Universal Human Rights worth fighting for? (SEMINAL)
- The Truth About Mohammed: Conqueror and First Sovereign of Arabia (SEMINAL): 
    a. Part 1  The Ideology of Islam
    b. Part 2  Non-Muslims and Women
    c. Part 3 Mohammed: holy man?
- Islamic Law for Non-Muslims BOOK (external link)
- Islam 101, by Gregory Davis (external link)
- The Dead Hand of Islam, by Colin Maine (written circa 1980) (external link)
- Three Things you need to know about Islam - 8:10 (video)
    a. Islam has not been hijacked.
    b. Striving to institute worldwide Sharia Law is a religious duty (Islam’s “prime directive”).
    c. Muslims are allowed to deceive non-Muslims if it helps Islam (“Taqiyya”)
- Three stages of Jihad - 24:51 (video)
- The Grand Jihad - in 4 minutes (video)
   A short movie that summarizes the current Jihad and the Muslim Brotherhood
- The Terrifying Brilliance of Islam, Citizen Warrior
   Explores aspects that make Islam both unique and terrifying
- Suggested videos and movies, as well as freely available books.

In Alphabetical Order

- Abrogation in the Koran (external link)

- Christian Martyrs in Muslim Spain


Islam has no age barrier in marriage

- Persecution of Jews  
Examples of anti-Semitism -- Same as ' Religious Persecution of Jews'
- Jews as depicted in the Koran (from Islam online)
The Top Ten Libels against Israel (and Jews) (external link)
- The Legacy of Islamic anti-Semitism (book comments  --to add --)

Anti-Sharia movement

- Geert Wilders speech in New York city

Apostasy is a crime: Muslims who leave Islam must be killed
Theology and examples  (updated, as time allows)
- As defined by al-Qaradawi (the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood)

Armenian Genocide
- Armenian Genocide - link to articles and videos

Bestiality (sex with animals) (external link)


Duties of the Caliph

Children's rights
Indoctrination of Children  (updated, as time allows)

as violent as the Koran? (external link)

Famous Quotes on Islam
Famous quotes about Islam
Quotations on Islam from famous non-Muslims (external link)

Freedom of Speech?
Islam, Mohammed, Sharia cannot be criticized. Kill or harass those who "slender" Islam!
- Theology and examples (updated, as time allows)

Gay rights (GLBT)
Gay rights  (updated, as time allows)

- The sanitary risks linked to halal slaughter

- Arab Conquest (external links): AC1AC2, AC3, AC4, AC5, AC6
- Byzantium: The Fall of an Empire – the Lessons of Byzantium (external link)
“Golden Age” of Arabic science (external link) PDF
- Islam caused to the "Dark Ages" (Mohammed & Charlemagne revisited)
- The Virgins and the Grapes: the Christian origins of the Koran (external link)
- The Historical Reality of the Muslim Conquests (external link)

- The Moslem conquest of India (Hindu Genocide), Will and Ariel Durant
- Why are we afraid? A 1400 year secret (Dr. Bill Warner, video lecture)  

How to talk to people about Islam
- Answers to Objections When You Talk About Islam, Citizen Warrior
- Factual Persuasion, Changing the Mind of Islam’s supporters, Bill Warner, CPI (book pdf)
- Getting Through, a book by Citizen Warrior

- Shaming the Muslims out of Islam, Bill Warner interviews M. A. Khan
Additional good hints
    - Tools For Our Educational Mission
    - Mutual Respect
    - How to Resist Islamic Encroachment and Still Be Happy
    - What Non-Muslims Can Do About Islam
    - Six Suicidal Assumptions about Islam

Human Rights

- Is Islam compatible with Human Rights? (to add) 

- The Religion of Peace (to add)
- The Religion of Eternal Outrage (updated, as time allows)
- Political Islam (to add)

Islam is an authoritarian ideology
Contrary to Democracy  (updated, as time allows)

Islamic Doctrine
- Abrogation
- Jihad
- Takkyia (external link)
- Tolerance, lack of (intolerance)

Islamic Law
- Crime and Punishment under Islam
- Comparing Islamic Law and Jewish law (so different!)
- Comparing Islamic Law vs Cannon Law (to be added)
- Duties of the Caliph (waging Jihad)
- Islamic Law on retaliation (with consequences to Honour Killings)
- Islamic Law for Non-Muslims (external link)
- Non-Believers under Islamic Law (Dhims)
- The Reliance of the Traveller (Umdat as-Salik wa ‘Uddat an-Nasik), Manual of Islamic Law (download file Shari’ah.chm; very handy)
- My comments on 'The Reliance of the Traveller.' (to add)

Islamic Science
- Why the Arabic World Turned Away from Science

Islamization of the world - appeasing Islam
Examples  (updated, as time allows)

- What is Jihad (stages of Jihad (video); many faces of Jihad)
- List of Islamic-inspired terror attacks or plots in Canada and the US (and a few around the world)  (This is not being updated. I suggest to consult the site The Religion of Peace for more updated information.
- Demographic Jihad (Hijra) 
- Stealth Jihad: Mark Stein
- Economic Jihad (a.k.a. Sharia financing) -- to be added --
- Duties of the Caliph

Koran (Qur'an)
- What is it? (-- to add --)
- As a 'War Manual': 
        - Muhammad's own words (external link)
        - The 164 war verses of the Koran (external link)
- Blogging the Koran (external link)

Life of Mohammed
- Chronology (to add)
- A Challenge (external link)
Women of Mohammed
- The truth abouth Mohammed: Conqueror and First Sovereign of Arabia - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.
- My comments on Ishaq -- to be added --

Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) attempts to ban criticism towards Islam
- What is the IOC?
- Countries that form the OIC
- Islam and Free Speech: OIC vs. Universal Declaration of Human Rights (external link) 
- "Theology" and examples  (updated, as time allows)
- Stoning

Religious persecution
Dhimmis (see Non-Believers under Islamic Law)
Copts: present-day dhimmis
Persecution of Christians (updated, as time allows)
- Persecution of Jews (examples)  (updated, as time allows)
- Baha'i
- Ahmadia -to be added-
To other religions (general) (updated, as time allows)

Sharia (see Islamic Law)


The Golden Rule

Women's rights 
Early marriage and forced marriage (updated, as time allows)
Temporary marriage (Mutah and Sigheh) (updated, as time allows)
Honour Killings (updated, as time allows) 
Divorce (updated, as time allows)