Friday, December 17, 2010

Indoctrination of Children

"Give me a child and I'll shape him into anything." -- B.F.Skinner

  • A report [] from the Muslim Council of Britain entitled ‘Meeting the Needs of Muslim Pupils in state schools’ gives an insight to what the OIC is planning for the UK and the West. Just in the report’s Foreword alone, you’ll notice the implied need for tolerance on the part of the British in sentences like “…it is important therefore, that educators… respond positively to meeting the needs of Muslim pupils” and “…with a reasonable degree of mutual understanding and goodwill, even more progress can be made in responding positively to educational aspirations and concerns of Muslim…”. At the end of the foreword, almost as an afterthought, Muslim parents are not told to ‘respond positively ‘but to “further their understanding of what they can reasonably expect from schools.” It’s the British who should be making the positive responses while Muslims should be learning what school practices can be expected to adapt to Islamic needs. Every aspect of education is targeted for Sharia compliance, from schoolyard games to vaccinations, from raffles to drama: No mixed contact sports, swimming lessons must be single sex, boys bodies covered and need I comment on the girl’s swimwear! School outings? mixed gender trips should be avoided, Arabic lessons? Of course! Art lessons, Allah Forbid life drawing classes or portraits! And of course, Muslims must be able to withdraw from non-Islamic faith classes, nor should Muslim pupils be expected to participate in drama celebrating other religions such as Nativity plays or Diwali” - but all British pupils must learn about Islam. (Hat Tip: glenn1946)
  • An article by Andrew Bostom discusses the effort bu the Texas Board of Education to modify the current status-quo concerning current High School textbooks that "politically-correct whitewashes of Islamic culture and stigmas on Christian civilization." (AT)
  • The American Textbook Council, a nonprofit organization that reviews history and social studies textbooks utilized in U.S. schools, issued a  a comprehensive, evidenced-based 2008 report entitled "Islam in the Classroom-What the Textbooks Tell Us." This report observed, prominently, that the deficiencies in Islam-related lessons were uniquely disturbing, with history textbooks presenting "an incomplete and confected view of Islam that misrepresents its foundations and challenges to international security." It ends with a warning: "Islamic activists use multiculturalism and ready-made American political movements, especially those on campus, to advance and justify the makeover of Islam-related textbook content." (Ref. Andrew Bostom)
  • New York State High School manual for teachers whitewashes Islam. It provides an "Islamic prespective" into history, and, worse, explicitly says that students who answer differently get zero mark   (NYPost; PJM) .
  • Children learning how to behead infidels: The website Big Journalism has an article asking Why Won’t MSM Cover Islam? What Are They Afraid Of? The article addresses the MSM’s tacit approval of radical Islam by their reluctance to report what really goes on in the world of terrorism.This post shows a video used by radical Muslims to train their pre-pubescent boys in the art of beheading. This graphically evil video shows children training for Jihad beheading a man all the while praising Allah.