Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Punishments under Islamic Law: flogging, beheading, hanging, crucification ...

The post Sharia- Crime and Punishment under Islam provides an excellent discussion on the types of crime and related punishments prescribed under Sharia Law. Here, there are a few actual examples:

Sudan (Dec 2010): video shows a women receiving lashes at the Khartoum Police Station and part of an interview with the Governor of Khartoum, Dr. Abd Al-Rahman Al-Khadr. He stated that "what was aired was the implementation of an Islamic punishment..."  In fact, he went on to say that "[w]e should consider the more important issue in this case ~ our penal code is in keeping with Islam and the sharia is the main source of our legislation.  Islamic punishments are carried out to purge the perpetrator." (MEMRI TV Video #2772 and transcript).

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