Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hijra and conquest of the world by demographics (Demographic Jihad)

Janet Levy wrote a very nice article The American Thinker. Its title is The Hijra  and it discusses the Islamic concept of Hijra.

The Hijra (which I examined previously) replicates Mohamed's pilgrimage from Mecca to Medina.  It is a Koran-sanctioned struggle for world domination by Islam, involving millions of Muslims who live outside of Muslim countries and are stealthily and gradually endeavoring to eradicate non-Muslim cultures and governments to institute Islamic shari'ah law.  This demographic jihad, in which polygamous marriages and Koran-sanctioned liaisons produce countless offspring, gravely threatens the free world.  It challenges the principles of free speech, freedom of religion, equal rights for women and other freedoms and human rights taken for granted by Western, Judeo-Christian societies. 

The Left seems to more and more support Political Islam. This fact may result in the end of international socialism. At the end Islam will take over and "liberate"  us all.

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