Friday, March 11, 2011

Persecution of Jews

Islam is anti-Semite to the core. During his life, Mohammed had several altercations with the Jewish tribes around him (which ended up being vanished form the map) as well as with a few Jewish individuals (who ended up assassinated). Since the justification for his harsh actions ended up part of the Koran, they have been written in stone and are part of Islam.

(See examples of anti-Semitism here)

There is a Fatwa that summarizes quite nicely the main characteristics and qualities of Jews as depicted in the Koran. Meanwhile, Pope Benedict XVI emphasises that the Jews have no collective guilt for the death of Jesus (who was Jew by the way), silly excuse used for persecutions in the past.

Currently, Western anti-Semitism is aligning with Islamic anti-Semitis. As Roger Simon posted recently, "the cause of the need to hold Israel to a higher standard than any other nation, could also not be more obvious. It is titanic (and justifiable) guilt over the Holocaust. What Europe did to the Jews, marching innocent human beings into gas chambers, is arguably the most monstrous crime in recorded history. Europeans desperately want something to be wrong with the Jews to exonerate themselves, to some degree anyway, for that unconscionably reprehensible act."

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